Faerie Glens & Castles

It seems I have an incurable case of wanderlust. It's just there, in every fiber of my being. We've had a wonderful year tucked away on our island, but my heart is restless again. This time it's craving the faerie glens, looming castles and ancient ruins of Scotland. My boys are restless too, I think they've inherited my gypsy nature. In three weeks time we'll be hopping on a plane to London. From there we'll make our way slowly up to Edinburgh by train. The summer belongs to Scotland, to old cities and the Highlands.

After that, we'll be going to a small medieval village in the French Alps. If all goes well, that will be our home for the next year. I will still be making dolls, and I'm hoping to start working on a book of faeries at last (this trip is all about gathering inspiration).

I will be painting too, for a small project. You can read about it here.