100 hand painted Postcards From faeryland


100 Hand Painted Postcards from Faeryland is my exploration into illustration and watercolour. There's something about illustration that has always set my heart alight. In particular, the work of John Baur, Arthur Rackham, and Kay Neilsen in those hauntingly beautiful old fairytales. It’s something I've wanted to find my way into for years, but the thought is so daunting that I've never even picked up a paintbrush. Until now. I know that if I wait for that illusory moment of 'readiness', I will be waiting forever. So why not dive in and have fun with it! The idea for 100 postcards was inspired by my dear friend (and incredible artist), Aiko Shebib, as a way of finding my voice through a daily practise.

Every day, for 100 days, I will do a small original watercolour painting on a beautiful 4 x 6 Strathmore postcard. 

I will start in four week's time, when my doll studio has been packed into a travel bag and my children whisked away with me to England. From there we will spend a year traveling through Scotland, Ireland and France (more about that soon). The paintings will be inspired by the unseen inhabitants of faerie glens and ancient ruins. Some will just be simple nature studies or tiny details that inspire my imagination. The goal is not perfection, it is simply to paint. On the back I’ll write a bit about the picture and where it was painted with its number out of 100. I’ll send the postcard off from wherever we are in the world. It may arrive a little weathered after the long journey, but that’s part of the magic.

Because each piece is an original I’ve limited the project to 100. 

If you would like to receive a postcard, you can purchase one below. The card and when it arrives will be a surprise. The first card will be sent on July 1st, and the last card by October 31st.

Hand Painted Postcard

One hand painted postcard shipped from somewhere in the world. It will arrive in true postcard style, with the gentle wear of something well traveled (although each one will be treated with a protective coat before leaving). 

If you would like more than one postcard, I will make sure to send them off from different countries.

Postage is included.

**I will email you two weeks after the card has been sent, to make sure it arrived safely. If for some reason a card gets lost along the way, I will paint another for you. 

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Here are a Handful of the finished postcards. They're not all here, I forgot to take photos of some and some photos vanished over the months..