Guinevere's Garden


If you weave your way through the spiny blackberry paths behind the Old Creamery, past the mossy maple and across the old

wooden bridge, you’ll come to a little gate, half hidden behind blackberry vines, dripping with the last lush fruit of the season.

Stinging nettles abound here too, lovingly tended by Genny and Juniper.



This is Guinevere’s garden. If you’re lucky, she’ll

have left the gate slightly ajar, just enough for

you to sneak through. Half hidden under the

weeping willow canopy are lush bushes of wild

mint, with its fragrant purple blossoms; prickly

thistles; horsetail; and walls of blackberries.


Guinevere is very shy, but if you sit quietly, book in lap amongst the flowers, she may sneak out from beneath the blackberries with

Einion her faithful hare. She’ll tell you the faerie names for every plant and flower in her garden, and perhaps send you home with a

little bundle of blossoms and a recipe for tea.


But make sure that when you go, to close the gate behind you.


Guinevere and Einion are one of a kind art dolls. They are in the shop.