Ailbhe & Ardál


Ailbhe & Ardál by Lavender & Lark
Ailbhe & Ardál by Lavender & Lark


The air around was trembling-bright

And full of dancing specks of light,

While butterflies were dancing too

Between the shining green and blue.

I might not watch, I might not stay,

I ran along the meadow way.


The straggling brambles caught my feet,

The clover field was, oh! so sweet;

I heard a singing in the sky,

And busy things went buzzing by;

And how it came I cannot tell,

But all the hedges sang as well.

Ailbhe & Ardál by Lavender & Lark

Along the clover-field I ran

To where the little wood began,

And there I understood at last

Why I had come so far, so fast—

On every leaf of every tree

A fairy sat and smiled at me!

—Rose Fyleman 

Ailbhe & Ardál by Lavender & Lark

Gentle Ailbhe & Ardál are there in the trees, if you know where to look. They love to hide in the old maple and watch the children passing far below. Sometimes Ailbhe lets fall a small faerie token, a tiny band of gold or little silver charm. So if you hear the leaves rustling on a still afternoon, look up and you may just see them there, smiling down.

Ailbhe & Ardál by Lavender & Lark

Ailbhe & Ardál are a bespoke piece.