The Dandelion Faeries


The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

~ Soliel & Siofra ~

The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

I spied Siofra and little Soleil just after sunrise moving quietly across the yard. They were gathering basketfuls of dandelions. Soifra explained to me that if you gather them as they open with the morning sun, they can be brewed into a special tea to chase away bad dreams (and conversely, if you gather them at sundown as they're closing their bright yellow heads, they can be made into a faerie wine that will keep you dancing and merry making all night). But it was the tea they were after this morning, for little Soleil who's been suffering from bad dreams. When their baskets were full to the brim they sat down to rest and Soifra told Soleil and I an old story about how long ago the faeries had hidden themselves from the human world in the form of dandelions, and to this day they still hold some faerie magic, which is why the plants can cure so many ailments.

The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

The Dandelion Cycle
By Emilie Poulsson

"Pretty little Goldilocks, shining in the sun, 

Pray, what will become of you when the summer’s done ?"

"Then I’ll be old Silverhead; for, as I grow old, 

All my shining hair will be white instead of gold.

"And where rests a silver hair that has blown from me, 

Other little Goldilocks in the Spring you’ll see!

"Goldilocks to Silverhead, Silverhead to gold, 

So the change is going on every year, I’m told."

The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

Soliel & Siofra, the Dandelion Faeries are original art dolls, they are entirely hand stitched from natural fibres (with the exception of their wings). Their hair and dresses are hand dyed with goldenrod flowers from the woods around my house. The dandelions are dyed with turmeric. The toadstools and wool moss are also hand dyed using a variety of dyes. This piece stands 12" high. They will be in my shop this evening at 9PM ADT. They are $400 USD (plus shipping).

The Dandelion Faeries by Lavender & Lark

"You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions.” --Henry Ward Beecher