The Lupine Faeries


~ Ereni ~



This place is full of a quiet magic in summer, it has none of the commanding beauty of it's western sister. Instead, it whispers its stories in the gentle lapping of waves against low-lying rocky shores, where narrow roads snake the coastline, winding endlessly past quaint Victorian and Cape Cod houses, and meadows painted pink and purple with lupines. Lupines are everywhere here, their elegant stalks swaying and dancing in the wind, wild denizens of the eastern seaboard.

It's the Lupin Faeries we have to thank for their presence here. In springtime they travel up and down the coastline, sprinkling their seeds. They don't need much to thrive, as their name 'lupinus' suggests, they are 'wolf flowers', as resilient as they are lovely.

This particular bend in the road belongs to Ereni. She will tell you humbly that the work of every Lupin Faerie is to bring more beauty into the world. 




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"You must do something to make the world more beautiful" 

--Miss Rumphius, The Lupine Lady



Ereni, the Lupine Faerie, stands "8.5 x 5". She is entirely hand stitched from natural fibres with the exception of her wings. She is dressed in hand dyed cotton & silk organza, vintage lace and wool felt. Her blue tit is needle felted and stands on a felted base of wool moss and flowers. She is available in the shop.