Niamh - The Huntress

Niamh, the Faerie huntress.

Niamh glides above the forest on Gawen, her white Red-Tailed Hawk.

If you are deep in the woods one day and you see a flash of white, perhaps you have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Niamh. Walk with care, for she is the guardian of the forest and all its creatures.

Niamh and Gawen are one of a kind, natural fibre art dolls. They stand 13" high and 16" long. Niamh is entirely hand stitched, with the exception of her wings. Gawen, whose name means 'white hawk' in Welsh, is a leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk. He is needle felted over a wire armature and stands on a needle felted rock. This piece is $625 (USD) and will be available in my etsy shop on February 6th at 9AM.