A Troupe of Faeries

Spring was finally in the air this morning. Sunshine was streaming through the window while I was making breakfast and I had my heart set on a quiet morning of sketching and drinking tea, while the kids played outside. The little one had other ideas though. He wanted to go looking for faeries in the wood behind our house (his new favourite activity). I couldn't say no, so I grabbed my camera and a final sip of tea and off we set. The excitement of a mild spring day, with sunshine dancing off the trees, definitely had the woods tingling with a sense of magic and anticipation.

Sure enough, we hadn't gone far before we heard tiny peals of laughter. We looked at each other and I put my finger to my lips, he nodded in silent acknowledgement, wiggling with excitement. We bent as low as we could and crept towards the sound.  


There, at the little statue of the garden maiden, was a troupe of faeries we'd never seen in the wood before. There were five of them with tiny pointed hats and tattered dresses. They were playing tag around the statue and singing silly nursery rhymes.


Suddenly the one riding a little red-breasted nuthatch spotted us. I was sure they would all dash away and that would be the end of our faerie fun for the day, but she flew right over to the little one and landed on his shoulder. Soon another joined them. The nuthatch girl whispered something to him. I tired not to breath--but I had to get just one photo. As soon as they heard my camera they were off into the trees. 

But soon enough they were back, and then they all wanted to have their photos taken. The little girl with her robin reminded me of an old poem from my childhood:

One by one they introduced themselves. Lily was the first, although a little shy and reserved she was excited to make our acquaintance. 

Willow was even more timid, but I managed to take a few pictures of her and her little sparrow friend. She was all giggles and silliness with the other faeries though and it was lots of fun to watch.

Zinnia taught us faerie songs and played tag with the little one.


Nadira seemed to be the leader of the little group, I think she must have been the oldest. She seemed a little more sensible, and kept the others in line when they got too silly.

Nalini, who was the first to come and say hello, stayed with us even after the others flew away to find some new excitement. She followed us all the way home, so we brought out a picnic of honey and crackers (the nuthatch happily pecked at the little one's trail of crumbs).


This little troupe of friends will be in my shop Monday, February 27th, at 10 AM PST