The Magic Spell Faery

Do you remember when this wee one first showed her shy smile here? She was lovingly nicknamed 'The Magic Spell Faery' by the little girl I made her for, but she's never had a story of her own. Now, thanks to the talent of a lovely young writer she finally has a story to share with you.

The Magic Spell Faery creates potions every twilight by the light of fireflies. She gives the bubbling, magic brews to sick animals and plants who need a boost of life. She once met a fox, who became her loyal and brave pet. When a very young child wanders astray in the forest she tends, she will show the way with a trail of stones, careful to conceal herself. She stays in the forest all year and her clothes are always pink, blue or purple because those are the magic colors of faeries. Her real name is as secret as the legend of fey itself. 

By Joy Paola (Age 10)