Ginny Green thumb

What are you doing up in that tree Ginny Green Thumb, what do you see below?

And what is in that little jar you carry everywhere you go? 

No doubt some special fairy potion to make our gardens grow.

Ginny is a determined little sprite with a no-nonsense attitude and a serious green thumb. Gardeners would do well to leave little treats for her every now and then (her favourite is honey), she'll make sure your tomatoes always ripen to perfection.

Ginny is entirely hand stitched from natural fibres with the exception of her wings. Her tiny dress is made of hand dyed velvet and cotton; her wild hair is silk and mohair yarn and her delicate features are hand embroidered; her hat is hand dyed, sculpted silk. She stands in a needle felted toadstool garden of wool and silk. Her copper wire frame allows her limbs to be adjusted.