Willamina Daisy (Willa)

The last ten months have been full of wonder and magic getting to know this new little person in our home. My maternity leave is finally finished though and my studio is waiting. Just in time too, my sketch book is bursting with ideas and inspirations that I've been collecting over the months. I've played in the studio a little but now it's time to really focus again. Progress will be slow with the little one by my side, it's a fine balancing act between family and craft. I try to keep my days focused on my children, savouring this time that we have together. It's so easy for my attention to be called away, so tempting to sneak over to my little studio that adjoins our living room to put the finishing touches on a faerie or solve a creative problem that had me stumped the night before. When I am able to maintain that divide my days are full of little smiles and happy kids. My nights are reserved for faerie mischief. There's something wonderful about a silent house where everyone has gone to sleep after a busy day. In our home we say that's when the faeries come out to play. With a pot of tea brewing by my side and the whole night ahead of me, I relish those hours. 

These are a few of the wee folk in my studio these days and I'm pleased to finally have a chance to introduce them. 


The first is Willamina Daisy, she's a little timid to start and more than a little shy about being the first faerie to make an appearance here.

I met Willa a few weeks ago when she snuck into my studio late one night while I was working. We became fast friends, sharing a mutual love of old gypsy music, dried fruit and late night giggles.


In the weeks since Willa has become a regular visitor in my studio, always eager to keep me company in the wee hours of the morning when my eyelids are starting to droop over my sewing. She comes brimming with stories of the goings on in my garden.

willas bag.JPG

Even though she's a little shy at times, from the beginning I recognized in her the kindred spirit of an adventuress. So a few days ago, after regaling me with her daring rescue of a finch from the neighbours cat, I asked her if she would like to see more than our little yard, to journey out in search of new adventures. I told her that the world was full of amazing places waiting to be discovered, friends to be made, and stories to be heard and shared. "Think it over," I said. The next night she arrived with a tiny bag packed with her few possessions and full of questions about where she was going, how she would get there, and who she would meet when she arrived. I told her that we would start by introducing her to all of you. 

Willa loves the accordrion and all things old. Her dress (which she made herself) is composed of scraps of antique linen, old lace and silk.  Charmingly curious and full of laughter, Willa is certainly one of a kind.