freya motherhood.jpg

The snow is banked heavily around our house and the air is frigid outside. My days are spent curled up with my little ones in our many layers of woolens, reading our favourite stories and sipping warm coca and spiced tea. Winter is always an inward time, there is a womb-like quality about it protected and warm as we are from the world outside.

Perhaps it was that feeling that found my hands gently shaping the rounded belly of a faerie mother one night, or maybe it was thoughts of my own little one sleeping quietly at my side and about where our journey together started. Whatever it was, the inspiration has grabbed hold and my studio is slowly filling with nursing mothers, tiny faerie babes, and round bellies.

The winter nights are long and there are many hours after the children have gone to sleep for dreaming up new dolls. The motherhood collection has special meaning for me, it's motherhood that governs my days and sets our rhythm through the seasons. It marks the years in my life as the little ones grow and change. It's what sits at the source of all my inspiration.

These dolls are in celebration of it's gentleness, it's beauty, and it's many blessings. 

The collection will be released one at a time through February, as each doll is completed. They will appear here with an introduction and I will give the date that they will be available in my shop.