I’m so excited to be diving into the world of faeries and hares with you! They are, by far, my favourite animal to felt. There is something entirely otherworldly and playful about them. I’m looking forward to seeing a whole whimsical drove of them come to life in your hands over the coming weeks.

Links for each week’s lessons will be made live every Friday, beginning on July 19th. You will have permanent access to all of the material so you can work at your own pace. We will be meeting in a virtual classroom at the end of each week so you can share your work and ask questions. You can also email me at any point if you’re stuck or have a question.

The skills and techniques you will learn in this class can be applied in all sorts of ways. I ask that you please understand that the faeries we are making here are my design, one that I’ve developed over many years. I ask that they not be reproduced to sell commercially.


Week 1

July 19th - 28th

  • Lesson 1 - Creating an armature

  • Lesson 2 - Crafting a nose

  • Lesson 3 - Sewing the body

  • Lesson 4 - Embroidering a face

  • Q & A Webinar : July 27th 10AM & Noon; 28th, Noon (EST)

Week 2

July 26th - August 4th

  • Lesson 5 - Sewing clothing

  • Lesson 6 - Creating hair

  • Lesson 7 - Making wings

  • Q & A Webinar: August 3rd 10AM & Noon; 4th, Noon (EST)

Week 3

August 2nd - 11th

  • Lesson 8 - Creating a wire armature for your hare

  • Lesson 9 - Building up the form with wool batt

  • Q & A Webinar : August 10th 10AM & Noon; 11th, Noon (EST)