The Faeries of Wild Rose Wood

~ On Patreon ~

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~ The Project ~

I've been making faeries and telling their stories for eight years now, and right from the beginning I knew I wanted to make them into a book. They often whisper their stories to me when I'm out in the garden and make me promise to write them down later, but I never seem to be able to find the time (don’t tell them!). This book will be a place to share their stories and pictures in a way that brings the magic and whimsy I love so much to life for everyone. 

Each year passes with inspiration building and a growing number of ideas for the book just waiting in the wing. Patreon is an incredible way of gifting artists more freedom and time to create in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to, and to give back to their supporters in all kinds of creative ways. So I’ve put together a monthly story project that will eventually grow into my book, with some fun gifts for patrons.

If you would like to support the project you can pledge any amount you choose; you'll receive various rewards (listed at the right) based on how much you pledge. Pledges are monthly, and payments will be processed on the 1st of each month (accept the first pledge, which will go through when you sign up). You can cancel any time if you change your mind. Every single pledge, no matter how small, takes me a step closer to making my Faerie book a reality, and for that I'm deeply grateful. Please know that I will pour my heart into the project and all of the rewards.        

I will deliver to your inbox (or mailbox, depending on the tier you choose) a story page/pages from the Faeries of Wild Rose Wood each month, sharing tales and adventures from their small corner of the forest.The stories will follow the seasons and the different things faeries do throughout the year.

I will also share behind-the-scenes details, process photos, and sneak-peeks from Wild Rose Wood. There are plenty of other rewards, from exclusive prints and postcards, to water colour illustrations, and even a few faeries that will be going out each month. They're listed to the right, under Pledges.