I share the steps for creating Maire’s dress in the video below. It’s quite long, but I wanted to walk you through my entire process for making faerie clothing. I don’t ever use patterns, instead I start with a vague idea for the feeling I want to create and let it unfold as I work. For Maire, I knew she needed something regal, and something belonging to that in-between time between winter and spring. I also wanted to tie her colours in with Astrid, her hare. Her dress is made from the same yak hair and silk mix. It was wet felted into fine soft sheets and then sewed. I also played with felting a very fine piece, which ended up having lots of holes in it (see the middle piece below). This gave me a variety of texture for her outfit. The antique lace I used reminded me of frost flowers.


The video will walk you through creating the dress. There was a final step for creating her cloak which was lost. All I did for her cloak was tack it on each shoulder with a single stitch.