Evelina Bramble-Bee


Evelina Bramble-Bee lives in a large old willow at the end of the forest. She is a collector of all things big and small. If you're lucky enough to visit her home (or at least peer in through the little round door), you'll be greeted by a wonderful sight. A pretty little round room with a bed made of twigs and moss, a wee birch bark dresser, and a rug of braided horse hair. But the most amazing thing are the walls, every inch of them is decorated with bottle caps, shells, stones, strands of beads, dried berries and flowers. There are fragments of old letters and a postage stamp with a picture of the queen. Beautiful bits of lichen and autumn leaves adorn the ceiling, and tiny little faerie lights twinkle from every corner. 

I saw her in the garden the other morning with a marvelous big snail shell slung over her back. She was quite proud, she said she was going to use it to store her bead collection. "It's the biggest one I've ever found!" She said with a grin. "But where will you ever find space for it?" I laughed. "Oh, I have seventeen floors in my tree, I'm sure there will be room in one of them!" and off she flew. 

Evelina is a hand crafted art doll and is intended for decoration, rather than play. Her dress is made from layers of antique french cotton, hand dyed with tea. Her hair is mohair locks and her tiny features are hand embroidered. Her little English robin is needle felted. The two are attached together. She stands 17 x 15 cm.   


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